Monday, September 26, 2011

Year's Sabbatical? Found Mediterranean Love!

Yes, my blogger friends, you read that right. It's been a blogging sabbatical of sorts and I'm simply tired of it. So much has happened. Where to start? Master's degree courses that have to be finished by May 2012, a mother-in-law moving in, entering hospice and then passing from terminal cancer, my youngest daughter's Senior Year, the trip of a lifetime to Italy, Greece & Turkey this summer, and then getting daughter number 1 moved back home and daughter number 2 settled at college. Wow, I'm tired just reading this. 

But, it's now time for a wonderful fall of recipes, entertaining, and the awesome scents those realities create in my home! Hooray! But first, this post will simply be a feast for your eyes (sorry no recipes) of the wonders of the food we enjoyed on our recent summer vacation (mentioned above). Let's just say they know how to do the food in the Mediterranean, so I hope you enjoy! And yes, there will be recipes coming from things I learned about making great food while visiting.

This is the first pizza we enjoyed in Venice! Artichoke hearts, meats, mushrooms and a fried egg in the center. Delicious!

My daughter, Megan, ordered a stuffed calzone! Yes, she ate the whole thing!!
Our pizza in Florence cafe. Just amazing!
Our hostess friends in Sorrento working with the curds...

... to make the fresh mozzarella!

Fruit kebobs readied for the...
...dessert bar chocolate fountain aboard ship!

Midnight dessert bar extraordinaire aboard the Equinox!

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  1. Andrea, I came here through your link on facebook. How exciting that you were in Italy, Greece, and Turkey this past summer! Gary and I just got back from our 40th Anniversary trip to Italy, and I agree - the food there was amazing!! Look forward to reading your blog ...